About Suzanne

Simple, Savvy, Soulful

Design your LOVESTRONG life. Strong enough to live a life you love, Calm enough to listen to your heart and Brave enough to follow it.

About Suzanne:

I started searching and studying transformational practices early in life because I wanted to feel Happy, Healthy, Strong and Brave. That’s how I first found yoga. (and relaxation, then meditation, then breathwork and then hypnosis and intuitive energy).

I spent decades studying the mind-body connection and the science behind it. I also wanted to simplify my own life while still feeling connected to the world.

Simple, Savvy and Soulful. 

After opening Love Yoga Studio, my practiced evolved into deeper studies of the physiology of breathing and meditation. I learned more about the practices that had freed me from a decade of severe Anxiety – completely. (24+ years anxiety free)

I went on to create the LoveStrong Anxiety Relief Training.

A simple training that simplifies the key elements to understanding, embracing and eliminating anxiety.

These practices along with modern science are bringing to light the connection between our sub atomic particles… and our sub conscious minds. From Cell to Soul. 

It’s an ongoing practice. It’s a lifestyle. And it has given me a clarity and sense of peace, deeper than I have ever known. It feels both Spiritual and Sensible. Positive and Practical. 



What we can do together:

We can create a more LOVESTRONG Life. 

LoveStrong means strong enough to live a life you love, calm enough to listen to your heart and brave enough to follow it. 

Kinda like I’m doing here…… 

Start with a class, a course, a workshop or an individual session to explore all the options and uncover even more possibilities.


  1. 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification

2012  500 hour Yoga Certification @ Mark Stephens Yoga

  1. Yoga Anatomy Fundamentals w/ Leslie Kaminoff

2013  MBSR Certified (Mind Body Stress Reduction)

2014  Off the Mat, Into the World Certification w/Seane Corn

  1. Yoga Teacher Refresher w/Jason Crandell

2017  Functional Joint Movement Certification w/ Jory Serota

  1. Spirit Speak Certification w/ Seane Corn

2019 100 hour Guided Meditation Cert/ w/Heather Hayward

2020  Transformations, The Science of change w/ Trevor Blake

2020 Inner Engineering Yoga Philosophy w/ Sadhguru

2020 Intuitive Energy Course w/ Marie Manuchehri

2021 Yoga Therapy Foundations, Yoga Therapy Inst. Online

2021 Intuitive Energy Medicine Healing w/ Marie Manuchehri

2021 100 hour Adv. Meditation Cert w/Guided Meditation Framework

2021 Stress & the Relaxation Response w/ Dr. Herbert Benson

2022 Certified NLP & Hypnotherapist for Stress Management, IBCP

2022 Certified Buteyko Breathing Instructor/Oxygen Advantage

2024 Qi Gong Instructor Certification w/ Nick Loffree